Re-Opening 2023

Thank you for a great season in 2022.
We have already started building more gigantic sets and props.
Trust us, we are bringing twice the action.

JUNKEE’S Dark Corner Haunted House is an immersive experience filled with terrifying live actors, jaw dropping special effects, and menacing monsters.


Grand Opening In...

Grand Opening In...



Is it actually scary?


Yes. We employ some tactics never seen before at other haunts. We have a lot of great animatronics, air blasters, but  our actors is where the scary part comes from. All actors are trained utilizing some of the industries best methods to create fear and impactful jump scares.

What if I don't want to be scared? 


Too bad... We know some places have glow sticks you carry around but it hardly works. That being said, we are planning on a "family friendly" area next to the main haunt, that you can take pictures in front of photo ops or if you want to just go see the line actors and go carve a pumpkin. More info coming soon on that front....

How can I join your team?


Oh my..... We would love you to join our team! We are a fun group of people that all enjoy haunted houses. We want you to be part of our team and hangout. We have a dope studio in Reno where we develop new props and geek out. If you are into scaring people or just wanting to help out with the building awesome set deco, hit us up! Holly  is the person to hit up..(Cell: 404.805.1617).. If you can, send her a txt instead of calling that would be tight. Thanks!

Still have questions? Send a txt message to Holly Spahr @ 404-805-1617 or email us at

"Dark Corner is Scary; like really scary.... It plays with all of your senses. It is sure to impress. Every inch is filled with infinite detail. This is a beast that can't be stopped. Prepare yourself."



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