Tickets go on sale early August, 2024 - DOWNTOWN RENO

32,785+ sq. ft of TERROR | Multiple Stories | 60+ Live Actors | Full Bar

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Dark Corner Haunted House is Reno’s premier halloween entertainment experience.

"Dark Corner Haunt is by far the largest and scariest haunted house in Reno's history."

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Our multi-story indoor attraction, Dark Lane Mall, is located inside the National Bowling Stadium. Your experience begins at the Terror Theater within the iconic building’s geodesic dome.

In these apocalyptic times with no food left, survivors in the abandoned Dark Lane Mall are driven to madness—devouring anything or anyone they can find.

Survive the journey through the old mall stores: Pets Parts, Rot Topic, Twisted Annies, and obviously a Foodcourt Feast.


Our outdoor attraction, Shadow Plague, lets you experience the dark, misty depths of the mutant zone, where plant-like mutated atrocities caused by the infection run loose.

With the barricade into the apocalyptic city breached, you'll see why the shadow plague overwhelmed the field hospital that once tried to contain its spread.

All hope is lost in the outdoor city of Dark Lane.


Cosmic Bowling

Fun for the whole family! Bowling available 6-10pm

Add an extra experience to your halloween excursion by starting or finishing your night at Kingpin located in the lobby of the National Bowling Stadium. Bowling is only $5 per person! Once you are in and bowling it will not impact your time slot to get in the Dark Lane Haunted House.

Nightmare Bar

Full Bar Open from 6-10pm

Nightmare Bar is where anyone 21+ and up can enjoy scary libations before or after experiencing our haunted house!

Located inside of the kingpin club outside of the lobby.

Additional Exclusive Bar for VIP Ticket Holders Located as You Exit Dark Lane Mall.

VIP Experience

With the purchase of a VIP Ticket, you will get immediate, skip everything, Front of the line access that includes a custom 2024 Dark Corner VIP Badge and Lanyard.

When you exit you will be greeted by an attendant who places all VIP'S in Satan's Club Lounge at the end of Dark Lane Mall. You will see Dark Corner Creative's private horror art collection from famous and well known, Hollywood Artists, You can also watch Dark Corner's Behind the Scenes videos.

You will also receive 20% off DARK CORNER Official Gift Shop merchandise and more!  Plan your arrival and time slot accordingly. All people in your group must have VIP Lanyards before entering.


ONLY 13 Nights of TERROR....

15 Nights Of Terror



Is it actually scary?


Yes. We employ some tactics never seen before at other haunts. We do not touch... however, we have a lot amazing actors that are trained by some of the industries best talent in utilizing the absolute best methods for creating deep, dark down dread, with impactful jump scares, and science based emotional fear. Now that being said... It's a good time. If you need to leave, there are lots and lots of exits, Someone will escort you out. No refunds though!

Where do I park?


Paid Parking:
The National Bowling Stadium (Our Location) has a HUGE multi level parking garage... They charge $10 / Vehicle. They have security on staff and is less than a 5 min walk from your car to the entrance. Height restrictions: 7' 0"
Entrance is on Fourth Street.

Free Parking
In downtown Reno, there are a great amount of free parking lots. To name a few around us, our hotel sponsors have some at Eldorado, Circus Circus, and Silver Legacy. About a 10-15 min walk.

After 6PM, parking meters are free. Metered parking is enforced Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 6pm, and costs $1.00 per hour.

Is It safe?


Absolutely! We prioritize the safety of our guests and adhere to strict safety guidelines. Our attractions are supervised by trained professionals, and we follow all necessary precautions to ensure a thrilling yet secure experience. All guests will go through metal detectors with multiple security guards.

No Touch Policy
Actors and Guides: Our trained actors and guides are instructed never to touch guests. They are skilled in creating a thrilling and immersive experience without physical contact. Guest Boundaries: We ask that guests also respect the personal space of our actors and fellow visitors. Clear guidelines are provided to ensure a respectful and comfortable environment for everyone.

Trained Professionals:
Our staff is thoroughly trained in safety protocols and emergency procedures.
We are C.H.A.O.S. Certified and a member of the HAA.

Emergency Exits and Safety Equipment:
Clearly marked emergency exits are available throughout the attraction.
Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and other safety equipment are strategically placed and easily accessible.

The Downtown Reno Partnership will have overnight Ambassadors around the National Bowling Stadium. They serve as the eyes and ears of downtown to help deter illegal activities and prevent problems from establishing during the night. The overnight Ambassador team works 7 nights a week. With the addition of this overnight team, the Downtown Reno Partnership now has Ambassadors patrolling 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Dark Corner, we want you to immerse yourself in the story, scares, and excitement without any worry. Our comprehensive approach to safety ensures that you can focus on the experience, knowing that we've taken care of everything else.

Feel free to contact us with any specific questions or concerns about safety.

Still have questions? Send a txt message to Holly Spahr @ 404-805-1617 or email us at

"Dark Corner is Scary; like really scary.... It plays with all of your senses. It is sure to impress. Every inch is filled with infinite detail. This is a beast that can't be stopped. Prepare yourself."



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