We are just a bunch of creatives who love 🎃

Come hang out and create haunted attraction experiences!*

Whether you're a skilled creator or just starting out, our diverse crew of 80+ weirdos welcomes you to be part of our family. 🥰

Contact Holly via txt at 404-805-1617 and let's hang out!

* We have fun and are inspired all year long. From movie nights, Transworld, Mosterpaloooooza, DND, Karaoke nights,, etc.... we are totally a haunt family that hangs out and causes ruckus. Come visit our studio and make stuff! Applicants must bring positive and creepy energy to our year-round projects.

Sadly casting is over.... Come back next year. If you want to volunteer, hit us up! Thanks!

Ok Ok, I'm in, so what jobs are available?!?!

Build Crew: Starting In August, build crew will help fabricate, paint, and erect panel walls and sets to construct the walk-through maze customers will explore in the attraction. With this position, it is NOT required that you be available for all opening night shifts; a separate schedule will be made for work days prior to the event. Must be proficient with power tools and bring your own, be able to lift up to 50 pounds, have a good attitude, understand basic math and construction plans to follow a blueprint, ability to take instruction from your build crew lead. 

Tech Crew: Pre-show Technicians wire sound, lighting, and pneumatic equipment according to the instruction of a Tech lead. Show Techs are responsible for troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, and operation of the show. Ideal candidates possess skills like carpentry, theatrical lighting/DMX, metalworking, electronics, pneumatics, special FX, and painting. 

Acting, Dancing, and Singing  Roles: The most vital part of our show…the monsters! Performers entertain and scare visitors as they explore the event. Performers are required to wear a costume and special FX makeup, which will be provided by Dark Corner. You do not need to prepare a monologue; just come, have fun, and give us your best scream! No experience necessary. Exposure to acting or improv classes do give you the upper hand at having a more prominent character in the show.

Customer Service, Retail, Line Management, Custodial: Applicants must interview for these roles.  Positions include Retail, Guest Services, Line Control Staff and Custodial. These positions require a lot of customer interaction. A positive attitude and a commitment to exceptional customer service are required. Most of these jobs do not require wearing a costume or makeup, just a team shirt, but it would be cool if you wanted to dress up anyway. 

Deco Crew: Starting in September , a decoration crew will help turn the walls and fabricated set pieces of the project into a completely immersive environment and secret the ‘stage’ the actors will be working around and in throughout the performance. This might include….painting, attaching fabric, placing and securing decoration, creating curtains, placing furniture and props. This position requires an artistic eye and perhaps someone interested in interior design. Applicants must have a good attitude, be able to work on their feet and ladders for long periods, and have a basic knowledge of tools needed such as hot glue guns, staple guns, screws and nails.

Costume / Makeup Team: The Costume Department is made up of a team of talented costumers who dress and aid the cast of 30-40 performers each evening. Applicants must be people-oriented problem solvers who can think on their feet and work fast!  The costume team works collaboratively and interacts closely with the actors. They must be interested in safe makeup application, creature conception, sewing-by hand, have basic painting, repairing, and fabricating skills, be able to lift at least 30 lbs., and have the ability to take initiative and work independently. Experience in make up and costuming gives you the upper hand but is not necessary. We can teach you! In addition to filling out an application, if you have a costume portfolio or makeup portfolio, please include it 

Other Jobs: We are also looking for professional photographers and videographers for specific nights of the event. We are looking for actors to help us with gorilla marketing like showing up to other events in Reno in full costume to promote the haunt or other various methods of marketing. Have a special skill you think could help our production? Please reach out.

Have Questions? Shoot Holly a txt at (404) 805-1617 or email us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the pay rate?
A: Positions and pay rates are based on experience and availability ranging from $10-$15 / hour. Volunteer positions are available if paid positions get filled.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Availability during October. A water bottle is recommended.

Q. What do I need to wear?
A. We advise you wear comfortable clothes. You will be moving around during the improv games.

Q. What will I need to do?
A. Actors will be called in to play games and move around. Makeup artists, Costumers, and technicians will be interviewed. You will be asked to fill out an application and calendar of availability if you havent done so already online. Then you will have your picture taken so we can attach it to your application.

Q. Do I need to be experienced?
A. Experience is helpful but not required. We ask people to play some improv games and do some silly movements. A good attitude and willingness to try things is what is important.

Q. How old do I need to be?
A. You must be at least 18 to apply. Positions, pay rate, and internships will be determined at auditions. If you are younger than 18 your parent or guardian must also be acting in the show.

Q. What is the time commitment if I am hired?
A. Call time is approximately 4:30pm every day we are open. You will fill out a calendar and then are contracted to work the days you selected. There are also scheduled training and safety days required. To see what days the haunted house will be open this season, click here.

Q. What if I can't be there by 4:30 pm?
A. Some exceptions including work and school are fine but will need to be noted in your availability schedule.

Q. Do I need to attend the training days and acting classes?
A. Yes. The acting classes and rehearsal days prepare you to be ready on opening day. We also take safety seriously. Training days cover all the information you need to keep yourself, your roommates and the audience safe.

For any other questions, email or text Holly @ 404.805.1617