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Holly M. Spahr
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Howdy! I’m Holly Spahr.

I am the owner and operator of JUNKEE’S DARK CORNER HAUNT. I've been working at JUNKEE for four years and fell in love with the team because of the family environment and push to chase my own creative dreams. Jessica Schneider agreed to sponsor my idea of a Haunted House for Reno and I am now fostering my own family of ghouls and gremlins into a work environment so fun that it resembles the family of haunters I got my start in, America’s #1 Haunted House – Netherworld, in Atlanta GA.

I’m a sculptor, scenic artist, costume addict, and all around ridiculous person that likes to play as hard as I work, and conveniently a haunted attraction takes just that energy. You might know me from my time costuming at JUNKEE Midtown Reno, my art deco around town with Dream Machine Design, or last October when I was featured on HBO Craftopia as a halloween enthusiast.

I have community days planned where I will share my knowledge of art and fabrication from my jobs in the industry making elaborate immersive sets in natural history museums. I will share my knowledge of scenic painting from my stage designs and displays. I want to hangout, have bbq’s, play games and create a group full of love and support for each other that is the ‘Dark Corner Collective.’

As a military family’s only child I grew up moving so often I couldn't finish a school year in one district and was eventually homeschooled. I'm a creative … so we all know how weird that makes me already… and I struggle with anxiety and depression. It wasn't until finding a job doing makeup and acting at a haunted house that I felt involved with a community of people just as strange, outcast, and awkward as me, and that changed my life forever. If I can provide even a fraction of the environment of acceptance I was given with my first haunt family, to you, I can consider this project a success. If you don't quite know how you fit in, don't quite know what you're good at or want to do, or know you want to work in a creative and fun environment where the more manic energy the better?  Hit me up if you want to chat or apply on the join our crew page!